Druid Alpha Male #21 Missing, Feared Dead

No. 21M, the alpha male with the Druid Pack came up missing earlier this summer. His radio collar had not worked in quite some time, so it was unknown if he had died or was just traveling at night. It appears that #253M, the wolf who traveled to Utah, got caught in a coyote trap, but escaped with an injured leg has assumed leadership of the pack.
Observers report seeing #253 challenged by 302M, the former Leopold Pack member who has been trying to join the pack for several years

No. 21M Possibly Found

Yellowstone wolf restoration team member, Deb Guernsey has confirmed that a carcass and a radio collar thought to be that of missing wolf #21M, the famous alpha male of the Druid Pack has been located.
A horse party found remains of a wolf and radio collar some distance up Opal Creek, one of the many creeks that flow off of Specimen Ridge into the Lamar Valley. Park personnel are planning to ride in on horses this week to examine the remains. All indications are that the death was natural, but the exact cause may not be known due to the condition of the remains.
No. 21M was last seen alive on June 11, 2004.