One of two females to give birth this year to the Druid Peak pack in the northern range of Yellowstone was found near death by a visitor not far from her den site on 5/8/00. #40 was the alpha female with this pack and has 6 probable pups at her den site. #103F a second female, and 42F had also denned a few miles away and 5 pups or more were observed at this second den site. Five pups were observed being moved from this second den site across the river and over to 40’s den site under Druid Peak.

Contrary to rumors being circulated, it is unknown which wolf actually caused the injuries which resulted in her death, but initial reports point to a member of her own pack, possibly 42F a third female, the Beta of the pack. After being reported injured, #40 was tranquilized and being transported when she died. No. 40 has been sent off for a necropsy and a press release will be posted once the results are in. No.21M, the alpha male and others from the pack have been located at her den since her death. We will have to wait to see if any of her pups survived, if in fact she had pups.