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Yellowstone Park Guided Tours

Yellowstone Park Winter/Spring Wolf and Wildlife Viewing Tours

September through May


I am now on Facebook with wildlife and park updates. Pictures too!

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The first guide in Yellowstone Park to offer and lead wolf viewing tours!

  View Yellowstone Parks first wolves in nearly 70 years in their natural habitat. Featured in the CD- "Return of the Wolf" and  the National Geographic film "Wolves, a legend returns to Yellowstone".

    Winter is the best time to view wolves. Period!

    Viewing areas are located in the Northern range of Yellowstone Park. Groups will travel to sites where wolves are active, set up spotting scopes, and camera's and learn through open discussion everything they ever wanted to know about wolves, bears and Yellowstone Park. (I provide at least two scopes with tripods--$4300. + worth)

    The sites will vary and change almost daily. Wolves are often viewed while hunting, at play, or interacting with other animals within their environment.

    We have great success in viewing one of 5 packs and on some days we are able to view 2 or even 5 packs or groups of wolves in Yellowstone. The wolf viewing area I use often is located in the northern range of Yellowstone Park where the largest elk herd in the world is located----estimated to be 14000 head in size.  Red fox, bald eagles, ravens, coyotes, mule deer, bison, elk, and big horn sheep are often viewed along with wolves.

  After about March 15,  black and grizzly bears are also viewed as they appear out of hibernation.

If you are interested in wildlife, and lots of it, then this is the trip for you!


The prime periods to view wild wolves in Yellowstone Park are:

Any winter month! From September through early November we generally have views of at least one pack. As winter progresses and the temperatures drop and snow begins to fall the number of wolves, the number of packs increase and the distances tend to decrease. From November through early May we typically see multiple packs each day.

We also start to see grizzly bears emerge from hibernation after about March 15 each year, however the bears do not all exit winter dens all at once but can take over a month before they are all out and wandering around.


September - We generally have at least one pack to view. They are often at a distance and we often have to climb a steep hill to get any views at all. Sometimes we are lucky and the pack has a fresh kill within view of the road. We are able to do a short hike to one of the acclimation pen sites where the Rose Creek wolf pack was released during the reintroduction program 1995/96. We sometimes have bears to view as well as bison, elk, big horn sheep, pronghorn, etc....


October - Oct. is nearly the same as September.


November - Again, we generally have at least one pack to view each day, but the later we get into the month the colder it gets and the wolves become more viewable as they drop in elevation. Bears generally hibernate in early November. The pronghorn migrate out of the park and into lower elevations. Bison, Big Horn Sheep, Elk, Coyotes, and Eagles are often viewed


December through the end of March - Winter is really the time to view wolves in Yellowstone. As winter progresses and the snow accumulates, the herds of elk and bison all drop in elevation into low elevation winter range which is where we go to view. We typically have more than one pack to view each day, but it varies each and every day. How many packs, how many total wolves, how close or distant they are, how active they are varies each and every day. I always see my first grizzly bear out of hibernation within 3 days of March 15. Bison, Big Horn Sheep, Elk, Coyotes, and Eagles are often viewed


April - The wolf pack alpha females den up to give birth around the middle of April each year. This keeps the pack in a smaller area so they become more predictable. However, some den sites are not in view for us, so there are wolf packs that we can not see after mid-April. We typically have one or two packs to view each April. More bears show up out of hibernation. The last bears to show up are the females with new born cubs, usually in late April. The Pronghorn begin migrating back into the park. Grizzly and Black Bears, Bison, Big Horn Sheep, Elk, Coyotes, Badgers, various Birds, Owls and Eagles are often viewed. April is probably the most popular month for my repeat clients who come out each year. We often have wolves and bears together at the same time, through the same spotting scope.


May - I generally start to phase out the winter wolf viewing area in mid-May. The human traffic starts to pick up and this has an effect on the overall viewing experience for most guests. I start to phase in other areas of the park with the focus more on bears and less on wolves. We do use the winter wolf viewing area if the roads south of Mammoth get snowed in, or there is a fresh carcass to view. Pronghorn, Grizzly and Black Bears, Bison, Big Horn Sheep, Elk, Coyotes, Badgers, various Birds, Owls and Eagles are often viewed. May is also popular with my repeat clients. May tends to be a little better for bears though.



viewing wolves in yellowstone park   After observing and following wolves around Yellowstone Park since their release the spring of 1996 I can consistently place you within view of wolves 99% of the time, but as my friend Nathan Varley says, "hey this ain 't no pig in a poke"! It can still require patience, and work. I am the first licensed guide to begin leading wolf viewing and photo tours during the late winter of 1995-96 when the Crystal Creek, Rose Creek, and Soda Butte packs were released.

    This tour is led only in the morning. We meet about 1 hour before dawn and the tour ends sometime around 12: Noon. The wolves and other wildlife sleep all day and are generally not active. You might have an hour or two of activity just before dark.

  Each tour varies in length depending on month and wolf activity level.  Keep in mind, the more you go out the better your chances of seeing wolves hunt or some other spectacular activity.

    Unfortunately the wolf viewing tour is not a backcountry type, hiking tour. It would be great if it were but the wolves are just too sensitive, and  we have a tough time keeping up with them as it is. I can't imagine how we would be able to do so on foot. In snow no less, with backpacks, tripods, spotting scopes, etc.....We would be lucky to see a tail of a wolf if  we were on foot :-)

Read what our guests say about our tours--here




Fee Schedule And Reservations:

This is a custom private charter guide service, with a one - on - one personalized vacation tour program designed to make this a vacation of a lifetime!




Rate:  $600. flat rate, total price for 1-5 guests. Private Charter tour, averaging approximately 6-7 hours depending on month and wolf activity.

  One tour per day is offered during winter months with an early morning start time. During fall months, a late afternoon start time is only offered. In April and May we can go out twice in one day if you prefer a more intensive viewing experience.

  Entrance fee, and food are not included. Snack bars, hot tea, and hot chocolate are provided. Transportation (2002 Chevy All-wheel drive Astro Van), guide, spotting scopes, and other needed equipment are also provided.


Meeting Location and lodging: We meet at Mammoth or Gardiner at the North Entrance. Email me for a list of hotel suggestions.


Booking This Tour:
Please send me an email with your preferred date, as well as any second choices for tour date. Also include the number of guests in your party, any handicaps, or other health concerns, where you are lodging, ages, other tours you are interested in and any other information which you feel I might need in making your visit to Yellowstone Park a memorable one.

A 30% deposit is required at time of reservation. To book this or any other tour just drop me an email and once a date is set and the tours you are interested in are confirmed I will send you an email regarding deposits, cancellation, etc........


For more information, or to reserve your day-------Contact and Email Information

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