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Yellowstone Park Wolf Updates


I am now on Facebook with wildlife and park updates. Pictures too!

yellowstone park wolf updates
Photo by Jim Peaco--NPS

Updates on Yellowstone Park's wolf population, and location-territory map

  ©Kevin Sanders 2013

Information provided courtesy of Yellowstone Gray Wolf Restoration Project

Please note that this count is likely to include any pup mortalities not yet discovered


   Total Wolves Reintroduced : 14+9 pups-1995
17+14 pups-1996,

   additionally 10 pups were brought in from Augusta, Mt-1996 = 64


The total wolf population inside Yellowstone Parka as of January 2013 is estimated to be less than 70 total wolves.






Yellowstone Guide Services---Winter Wolf Viewing, Summer Bear Viewing


Wolf Researcher and Seasonal Park Ranger Rick McIntyre (left)
Bob Landis, Cinematographer and National Geographic Filmmaker (right)

©Kevin Sanders 2012

Rick McIntyre, Bob Landis  




From now on all updates will be made on my Facebook page:









Winter, and early Spring is the best time of year to view wolves in Yellowstone Park, join me for a Yellowstone wolf viewing tour!


 Read over the Wildlife Viewing Etiquette page prior to your visit. Don't get caught up in the "herd" or group mentality.



Deb Guernsey yellowstone wolf project team member






 Note how large the head of #194M's head is, in relation to Deb Guernsey's body in photo.









Yellowstone Wolves Receive Handouts

   Reports of visitors giving handouts or food to wolves and coyotes in Yellowstone park have occurred off and on over the years. Visitors were reportedly observed feeding the Hayden Pack in 2007 at Canyon, and the wolf recovery team was forced to conduct some adverse behavior modifications on the pack---firing rubber bullets.

  Anyone observing someone feed or leave food for a wolf, coyote or any other animal in the park is encouraged to record the license plate and description of the vehicle, along with the time and location and report the incident to the nearest park ranger.

    In the past, coyotes have been fed by visitors, only to then attack cross country skiers and sometimes visitors standing near the roadway after they became habituated to humans and learn that humans often have food with them. Wolves could do the same thing, and they also will loose any fear they have of humans and leave the park placing them in even greater danger.


   If a wolf or coyote comes in close to the road and appears to be begging or looking for food, it is recommended that you not stop. Just drive on by, they will live a lot longer if we do so.
















 Wolf Pack Locations in Yellowstone National Park

and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Note: The wolf pack territory map is the most up-to-date data that is available. Information and data is supplied by the wolf recovery team once per year, but tends to be at least a year behind. For the most part, the wolf territories remain about the same___+/-, and are always fluctuating.


Map Updated by Leo Leckie January 2013.

Wolf Location Map Courtesy Yellowstone National Park


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